Light fresh and crispy natural linen  makes this shirt a favorite in the summer hot days! Easy to match with any kind of pants or skirt.. I have matched it with a classical pants in a super masculine fabric.. 

  • raglan cut
  • neck tie
  • loose fit on waiste and hips..more tight on bust,  shoulders and arms
  •  3/4 length arms 
  • available in different color 
  • volant at the cuffs


Please fill in the mandatory field with the following measurements. 


  • bust
  • waist
  • hips
  • back width
  • front bodice
  • shoulder
  • biceps
  • arm length


please refer to the how to take measurement page when taking your body measures. In case you need futher help, I will be more than happy to help you..just give me a call!



primula - linen shirt

240,00 €Price
  • please follow the link to get more info about how to take measurements in the right way