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Embrace your uniquiness, enhance your beauty and personality, wear a dress that represent you 100% and make you feel empowered, happy and pretty everytime you wear it over the years! My expertise as designer, stylist and tailor  will help you to create together the dress of your dreams! 


We will create your unique dress together, starting from your dreams and desires. My craftmanship  and expertise will give shape and life to your dream to enhance your natural beauty, personality and uniquiness. I will cut it on your body  measures for the best fit, sew it  with love and expertise. You will be an active part of the intire creative process: together we will define shape, choose  fabric and details. Your dress will totally represent you, your personality and vision despite fashion and trends. All this will make you feel empowered and pretty every time you wear it over the years. 

don't know where to start from? have a look at my prêt à porter collection.. any item could be use as a inspiration, as starting point  for your project..or start from your favourite dress.. or anything you have seen!


Depending on the project we will meet few times over the net (usually 2/3 times),  maybe a toile will be sewn to try shapes and length before cutting the final fabric. 


Being a one person company I will be not only your only referent, but also your personal designer, tailor and stylist!


Find out more just booking a free preliminary meeting online with me!

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