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simple and clean lines to give shape to a

world of drawings and prints


..starting point for my prints and drawing is fashion: part of my drawings come from my job as fashion designer but I then started playing with new shapes.. inspiration has come from different places I have visit and patterns I found in nature, art or historical buildings.

prints and more to share

I love to take pictures and video of my design/works/creations in places I love, places that make me feel in armony and peace.. I hope you will enjoy looking at them and maybe find new inspiration and energy! Some of the prints are available to buy in the shop. You can choose between simple prints for your home or small accessories such as phonecases to carry with you! or we can even create something just for you using one of my prints in case you have a special desire or need or could not found exactly what you were looking for! 


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happy clothes and accessories for everyday life!

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